Presidential Debate Set, WI Poll Peek

Presidential Debate Set, WI Poll Peek

The eyes and ears of politics are shifting to Atlanta tonight for a presidential debate.

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump will be on stage at the CNN Studios for the first of two-currently-planned major debates ahead of this November’s election. The 90-minute event will begin at 9 Eastern tonight. There will be no live audience.

Here in our state, the race for president in Wisconsin is tied. The latest Marquette Law School Poll says President Biden and former President Trump are tied among registered voters in the state. Biden has a two point lead among likely voters, but Trump has a two point lead when pollsters asked about other possible candidates. Neither candidate is popular, but Biden is slightly less popular than Trump. There is also a huge enthusiasm gap.

Pollster Charles Franklin says 61 percent of Trump supporters are enthusiastic about voting, compared to just 39 percent of Biden supporters. This is the third Marquette Poll in a row that shows the race in Wisconsin essentially tied.

When it comes to the state races, the Marquette Law School Poll shows there is room to change Wisconsin’s race for the U.S. Senate between now and Election Day. The new poll gives Democratic U.S. senator Tammy Baldwin a five point lead in the race against Republican Eric Hovde, 52-47. But pollsters say 17 percent of voters haven’t made-up their minds yet.

Baldwin is looking to a third term in the Senate, while Hovde is looking for his first victory.

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