Lawmakers Round Bases for Field Funding

Lawmakers Round Bases for Field Funding

Wisconsin lawmakers are ready to move ahead with a plan to spend 600-million dollars on the Brewers’ ballpark.

The Assembly Committee On State Affairs will hold a hearing Thursday on the proposal that would use tax money to pay for renovations and upkeep at American Family Field. The plan would have the state pay about 400-million dollars, have Milwaukee and Milwaukee County pay another 200-million, and have the ballclub itself pay 100-million dollars towards the ballpark. There are some lawmakers who don’t like the idea of using taxpayer money for the stadium, and/or don’t like how much money is being talked about.¬† But American Family Field is taxpayer-owned, and supporters say taxpayers are on the hook for the stadium even if the Brewers were to somehow leave. In exchange for the public money, the Brewers are promising to stay in Milwaukee ’til 2050.

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