Bugling Elk Spotted Near Hwy. 7

Bugling Elk Spotted Near Hwy. 7

Bugling elk have been seen or heard in the Chequamegon-Nicolet National Forest near the town of Clam Lake recently near state highway 7 and county highway GG. Each year, elk are more visible now through early October.

Officials in the area offer these tips as the area becomes more heavily visited by elk spotters. They are asking folks to please recreate responsibly and practice Leave No Trace outdoor ethics.

  • Don’t block the road.
  • Elk call videos are available online, but please do all that you can to respect and blend in with nature and do not “over-call” the elk.
  • Be courteous of other photographers and videographers.
  • Wear bright colors, especially if you are spotting near the roadside.
  • If you can, bring someone with you so that one person can drive while the other person can focus on looking for elk.¬†


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