Storms Hit, Hail Falls

Storms Hit, Hail Falls

There was a tornado in Rock County last week.  The National Weather Service yesterday confirmed that a tornado touched down last Thursday near Emerald Grove and Avalon in Rock County, that’s not far from CeCelia’s Golf Course.  Forecasters say it was a weak EF-0 tornado, with top wind speeds of up to 60 miles-per-hour.  The Weather Service says the twister caused ‘very minor’ tree damage, and there are no reports of any injuries.

Meanwhile, we felt the rumbles last night and there were powerful thunderstorms in Rice Lake.  Firefighters say hail from yesterday’s storms broke windows at the local Walmart, forcing the store to close.  Walmart said on Facebook you’ll need to check when the store can reopen.  The hail also damaged cars in the Walmart’s parking lot.  There are no reports of any injuries from the hail, or the broken glass inside the store.  Forecasters are waiting to see just how powerful yesterday’s storms were.

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