High Speed Internet Travels to Dunn Co.

High Speed Internet Travels to Dunn Co.

An additional 500 residences and businesses in northern Dunn County will have access to high-speed broadband services from Nextgen Broadband next year after the company’s grant application was approved recently by the state Public Service Commission. 

The PSC’s Wisconsin Broadband Office announced that Nextgen Broadband, a subsidiary of Clear Lake Telephone Co., will receive $1.33 million to bring fiber broadband access to 557 residences and seven businesses in the towns of New Haven and Tiffany in Dunn County.  The company will have to match that amount to complete the project. Dunn County is contributing $20,000 to the project; the town of New Haven, $3,000; and the town of Tiffany, $2,000. 

“Nextgen Broadband has already completed fiber-to-the-home construction in Boyceville and Downing,” said Tim Kusilek, Nextgen Broadband general manager, and is taking new customers now. The PSC grant, he said, will allow the company to bring fiber access to Tiffany and New Haven and “fill a gap between Clear Lake and Boyceville and Downing, and allow us to provide fiber redundancy to all our communities that we serve.” 

The PSC in May awarded funding of $16.6 million for 24 projects statewide to expand broadband internet to 6,042 residential and 276 business locations that are underserved. The projects receiving awards will impact 19 counties. The PSC received 74 applications. 

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