City Of Eau Claire Suspends Alternate Parking

City Of Eau Claire Suspends Alternate Parking

Thanks to a good long-range forecast, Community Services Director Lane Berg, in accordance with authority granted by the City code of ordinances, has issued an order suspending Alternate Side Parking restrictions in the City of Eau Claire effective today through May 1, 2023.

Parking will now be permitted on both sides of the street until November 1, 2023, except in those
locations where permanent or temporary parking restrictions are posted or marked. The City has historically used the parking restrictions in late winter and early spring to conduct an extensive city-wide street clearing operation to remove debris from roadsides and gutters, preventing it from entering our storm drains and polluting our rivers.

These operations will take place and normal street sweeping will continue through the summer and into fall.

For further information about this news release, please contact the Community Services
Department at 839-4963.

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