On This Day…

On This Day…


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As the week can occasionally feel long, difficult, or challenging we are here for our Saturday morning “scroll down memory lane.” It’s just a simple way to ease into your new day by looking back at events that have happened on this day in the pages of history.

So, grab your favorite sippin’ drink and let’s scroll!

Today is Saturday, March 4th, the 63rd day of the year.

There are 302 days until the end of the year.

On This Date:

In 1789, the Constitution of the United States went into effect.

In 1791, Vermont was admitted to the Union as the 14th state. 

In 1861, Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated as the 16th president of the United States.

In 1901, the American Automobile Association was founded in Chicago.

In 1933, Franklin D. Roosevelt pledged to lead the country out of the Great Depression during his inauguration speech. 

In 1989, Time Incorporated and Warner Communications Incorporated announced plans to merge into the world’s largest media and entertainment conglomerate.

In 1994, comedian John Candy died of heart failure at the age of 43 while filming the “Wagons East” in Mexico.

In 1994, four Arab defendants were found guilty of all counts against them in relation to the bombing of New York’s World Trade Center Complex in February, 1993.  The blast underneath the world famous Twin Towers caused six deaths and injured over one thousand. 

In 1996, country singer and comedian Minnie Pearl died at the age of 84.

In 1997, President Clinton barred spending federal money on human cloning.

In 1999, retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Harry A. Blackmun died at the age of 90.  Blackmun wrote the controversial 1973 decision in Roe vs. Wade, which legalized abortion around the country. 

In 2001, disco singer Glenn Hughes of the Village People died at the age of 50.  Hughes was the Man In Leather in the flamboyant colorful ensemble. 

In 2008, Gary Gyagax, the co-creator of the popular “Dungeons and Dragons” role-playing game, died at the age of 69.

In 2008, John Lennon was honored by ice cream maker Ben and Jerry’s with the Imagine Whirled Peace flavor.

In 2010, Lolly Vegas (Vasquez), who co-fronted Redbone with his brother Pat, died of cancer at 70. The group hit big with “Witch Queen of New Orleans” and “Come and Get Your Love.”

In 2012, Vladimir Putin won Russia’s presidential election amid voter fraud allegations.

In 2019,  Democrats announce their corruption investigation to President Trump.

In 2020, A new study confirmed human-caused climate change did make the 2020 Australian bushfire season worse, published by World Weather Attribution.

In 2022, Four-ton rocket debris crashes into the far side of the moon.¬† While still unconfirmed, it’s believed the booster from China’s Chang’e 5-T1 mission is the first unintentional collision with the moon.

And that brings us here to this day.

So whatever plans you have for 3.4.2023 here’s hoping you have moments along the way to record on the pages of your own personal history books.

Thanks for stopping by!

Thanks for stopping by!

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