WI Coronavirus Hospitalizations Creep Up; Local Treatments Available

WI Coronavirus Hospitalizations Creep Up; Local Treatments Available

More people are in the hospital with the coronavirus than last week.

The state’s Hospital Association yesterday said 356 people are now hospitalized. That’s up over 100 people from just last week. The Hospital Association says just 38 people are in the ICU with the virus. That’s down from last week.

When it comes to local connections, for people that test positive for COVID-19, treatments are widely available in the Chippewa Valley.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19 and are at a higher risk for severe illness, get tested as soon as possible. Testing sites in Eau Claire County are listed at bit.ly/SymptomsTesting. Some conditions that put people at higher risk include diabetes, cancer, heart conditions, smoking, not being physically active, pregnant, overweight, and other chronic diseases. By calling a healthcare provider after a positive test, you can find out if you are eligible for a prescription for COVID-19 treatment. Many local pharmacies, such as those listed here, can fill the prescription to help you start feeling better soon.

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