Moo, Cluck, Plant, Pluck: Happy National Ag Day

Moo, Cluck, Plant, Pluck: Happy National Ag Day

Pour yourself a glass of milk, fry an egg or two, and add an extra slice of cheese to the menu for lunch!

Tuesday, March 22nd is a day to celebrate the cows, fields, beaks, and beyond! Today is National Ag Day.

Each year, National Ag Day provides us with the opportunity to recognize and celebrate Wisconsin agriculture and the ways that it connects us to one another.

From milk and cheese to ginseng and maple syrup, Wisconsin remains a strong agricultural leader and provider of high quality, nutritious products for the nation and world. Wisconsin ranks in the top five in the U.S. for the production of more than 17 commodities, producing nearly 60 percent of the nation’s cranberries and more than 25 percent of the snap beans, dry whey for human consumption, cheese, and mink pelts produced in the U.S.

Home to more dairy farms than any other state and nearly 1,200 licensed cheesemakers, our state produced nearly 3.39 billion pounds of cheese in 2021, ranking first in the production of American, cheddar, and Italian cheeses. CLICK HERE FOR MORE.

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