Vaccinations Meet Classrooms

Vaccinations Meet Classrooms

Local schools in Wisconsin have the governor’s blessing to require their teachers to get the coronavirus shot.

Governor Evers told reporters yesterday that he supports local vaccine requirements. The governor is not looking at a statewide mandate, but said he supports local schools that want to make that decision on their own. The governor’s comments came one day after Milwaukee Public Schools leaders set the table for a vaccine mandate for their teachers.

Meanwhile, on the level of higher education students and teachers at UW-Madison who don’t get their coronavirus shot will have to get a swab up-the-nose at least once a week.

The university yesterday said unvaccinated students and employees will face regular, weekly testing. The new policy takes effect at the end of the month, as students move back to campus. UW-Madison says 89-percent of faculty members are vaccinated, and the school expects about 80-percent of students to get their shots. The university says it will, however, require masks for everyone inside all university buildings to start the school year.

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