Fort McCoy Prepares for Refugees

Fort McCoy Prepares for Refugees

The latest estimate is that as many as two-thousand Afghan refugees will arrive at Fort McCoy.

Governor Evers said the numbers fluctuate, but he expects anywhere from a few hundred to two-thousand people to arrive at the base. Commanders yesterday once again didn’t say when the refugees will arrive. There are also few answers about where the refugees will go once they get to Wisconsin. The Pentagon says 21-thousand refugees will be split between Fort McCoy and military bases in Texas and Virginia.

When it comes to reactions, Republican leaders in Wisconsin want to know what will happen to the thousands of Afghan refugees who are coming to Wisconsin. Congressman Tom Tiffany yesterday said both the Biden Administration in Washington, D.C. and the Evers Administration in Madison have not provided answers about who the refugees are, where they will go once they get to Wisconsin, or what they will do once they are here.

Western Wisconsin candidate for Congress, and former Navy SEAL, Derrick Van Orden said some Afghans need protection in the U.S., but he wants to make sure that everyone who comes here has been vetted and isn’t a Taliban sympathizer.

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