More WI Schools Take Up Mask Issues

More WI Schools Take Up Mask Issues

Parents in Burlington will decide if their kids will wear a mask to school this year.

The city’s school board last night voted to make masks optional. Superintendent Steve Plank says anyone who wants to wear a mask can, but he said enforcing a mandatory mask requirement could be difficult. Burlington schools postponed a decision on masks after parents turned-out last week to shout-down the idea. The school board didn’t ask for public comments last night, but a number of parents turned-out anyway.

Meanwhile, teachers and other workers in Milwaukee Public Schools could be the next to face the choice of either getting the coronavirus vaccine or getting tested every week.

An MPS committee yesterday voted to order the district to come-up with a vaccine mandate plan. MPS school board president Bob Peterson says a number of other schools and a lot of private companies are requiring their employees to get the shots. Milwaukee’s public school teachers’ union says it’s fine with incentivizing the shots, but leaders have not said what they think about a mandate. No one is saying just how many teachers in Milwaukee are already vaccinated.

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