Back to the Mask? WI Senator Says NO

Back to the Mask? WI Senator Says NO

Health officials are expected to issue new mask guidance today. 

NBC News reports it has to do with masking up in areas where the spread of the virus is high.  The report says new data suggests those who are fully vaccinated could have higher virus levels than first believed.  The sources say they could infect others because of that. 

The CDC said back in May that vaccinated people don’t need to mask up in many indoor places.

We’ll show you different sides so you can decide. Wisconsin’s U.S. Senator Ron Johnson isn’t a fan. Recently releasing the statement below:


Do masks even work? Do they do more harm than good — particularly to children who have a low risk of serious disease or death from Covid? 

Remember, the initial goal of public policy was to flatten the curve so we wouldn’t overwhelm hospitals. At some point, federal agencies moved the goal posts. The initial goal was achievable. I’m not even sure what the new goal is. Time to let Americans, not federal agencies, make decisions for themselves and their children. Time to reclaim liberty and end this state of fear.  

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