Reducing the Traffic Jams at Country Jam

To help ensure an orderly flow of traffic into and out of the festival, taxi, Uber, Lyft and taxi drivers will be required to obtain a windshield sticker from the Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office. This is the same procedure that was used in 2019. The stickers are free of charge and can be picked up during normal business hours at the front desk of the law enforcement center.

Drivers should be prepared to show their driver’s license and provide their vehicle information when picking up their sticker.

This year the drop off and pickup location will be shifted into the parking lot on the north side of Crescent Avenue east of the intersection of Crescent Avenue and Curvue Road. Taxi, Uber and Lyft drivers with a windshield sticker will be permitted to use this location. Drivers will enter the lot from Crescent Avenue and exit on Curvue Road. Country Jam will provide a shuttle from the grounds to that lot for taxi, Uber and Lyft passengers at the end of the night.

At closing time, when traffic is at its heaviest and traffic into the area of the music festival is restricted, only taxi,
Uber and Lyft drivers with a windshield sticker will be permitted past the check point at Ferry Street and Short
Street. This is the only route into the festival area at closing time.

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