Americans Are Back to Packing Bags

Americans Are Back to Packing Bags

This is the last day of the busiest travel weekend since the pandemic. 

So, what was it like for those hoping to get a seat? Not smooth everywhere. For example, Hundreds of travelers out of JFK Airport in New York on Saturday experienced higher than normal levels of irritation.  Ashok Bhalla has the story.

Nearly 50-million people will head home after celebrating the Fourth of July.  Most hit the road, breaking records and crowding freeways.  The worst traffic times are expected in the early evening, between four and five p.m. 

Airports saw with more than three-million over the holiday weekend, up 164-percent from last year.

If you were pulling a camper, then you know the story at the pump.  There’s no break in the trend of rising gas prices. 

The latest Triple-A survey shows the national average price for regular is up to three dollars and 13-point-four cents a gallon.  That’s almost half-a-cent higher than Sunday and it’s 95 cents higher than one year ago.  The national average price for regular on July 5th, 2020 was two-18 a gallon.

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