Vaccination Requirement Up for Debate

Vaccination Requirement Up for Debate

There are a lot of people who don’t want to be required to get the coronavirus vaccine in Wisconsin, and many Wisconsin lawmakers are among them.

An Assembly panel yesterday advanced plans that would ban the state, the UW system, and businesses from either requiring vaccinations, or requiring proof of vaccination in order to get back to work or school. Lawmakers say the idea is to let doctors and people make their own healthcare decisions. Private companies can require vaccinations, and some smaller universities in the state say they will require them as well for a return to class next fall.  

While we are talking about shots, a reminder that you do not have to pay for a coronavirus shot.

The Justice Department is making that clear to folks in Wisconsin. The U.S. Attorney General sent a letter to the state earlier this week after getting reports of some healthcare providers who are charging people for their shots. The federal government reimburses all providers for all vaccines given.

Anyone who’s been charged is being asked to contact authorities.

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