Double Murder in Juneau Co. Has Eau Claire Connection

Double Murder in Juneau Co. Has Eau Claire Connection

Eau Claire has a tie to a double murder case in Juneau County.

Police say they arrested the main suspect in the case, Felix Rivera-Medina, in Eau Claire. Rivera-Medina is accused of killing his girlfriend’s mother and her boyfriend during a fight. He’s now in jail in Mauston and facing homicide charges.

Prosecutors in Juneau County are painting a disturbing picture of a double murder there. The D.A. yesterday said Tina Decorah’s daughter’s boyfriend beat her and another man to death with a baseball bat earlier this month. Decorah’s daughter, Makaela, is being charged for harboring a felon and bail jumping. Her boyfriend, Felix Rivera-Medina, is looking at homicide charges.

Prosecutors say Rivera-Medina beat Tina Decorah and her boyfriend to death back on March 15th because of a family fight.

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