New Phase Expands Vaccine Eligibility

New Phase Expands Vaccine Eligibility

The next group of people who are eligible for the coronavirus vaccine will not need to prove they have diabetes, or lung issues, or any other health concerns in order to get the shot.

The state’s Department of Health Services yesterday said they will be using the honor system with Phase 1c eligibles. DHS deputy secretary Julie Willems Van Dijk yesterday said some people may be asked to sign a form, but no one will be asked to provide medical records or a doctor’s note. DHS is opening vaccine eligibility to anyone from 16 to 64 who has one of several medical conditions. Those people will become eligible at the end of the month. CLICK FOR MORE FROM WI DHS.

Wisconsin’s largest business group wants manufacturers added to the coronavirus vaccine eligibility list.¬†Wisconsin¬†Manufacturers & Commerce yesterday said manufacturing workers are essential to the state’s workforce and to the state’s recovery. WMC’s Kurt Bauer says manufacturing workers cannot work remotely and have been showing-up every day for the past year. He says it’s unfair to exclude them from the vaccine eligibility list.

A little more than one-in-ten people in Eau Claire County have gotten at least one shot of the coronavirus vaccine. City-County Health Director Lieske Giese yesterday said 13-percent of people in the county have gotten a dose. She says in all, over 36-thousand doses have been handed-out. Giese says they are averaging about 45-hundred doses per-day.

Public health managers with the state say about 50-percent of people in the state are willing to get the coronavirus vaccine, but the other 50-percent will likely need some convincing.

The state’s Department of Health Services yesterday said it will be tougher to reach the goal of 80-percent-vaccinated because there is a reluctance by some people to take the shot. Right now, about 20-percent of people in the state have gotten one dose of the vaccine, and another 11-percent have been fully vaccinated.

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