Gov. Evers Previews State Budget; Considers Cannabis

Gov. Evers Previews State Budget; Considers Cannabis

Governor Tony Evers says there’s a chance his legal marijuana proposal will become law.

The governor was a guest on UPFRONT on Milwaukee TV yesterday. He said he is not pessimistic about his chances for the proposal to become law. Republican lawmakers have said there could be a conversation about medical marijauana, but they are not interested in full legalization. The governor said legal pot could be an economic boon for the state.

Governor Evers is continuing to preview his new state budget.

The governor yesterday said his state budget will include 200-million-dollars for businesses across the state, specifically to help them recover from the coronavirus. The governor is not saying where the money will come from, but he says it will go toward job training, apprenticeships, and helping minority and women-owned businesses across the state.

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