WI DHS Close to Website for Vaccine Rollout

WI DHS Close to Website for Vaccine Rollout

The state of Wisconsin says they are about two weeks away from a website that will help people sign-up for the coronavirus vaccine.

The Department of Health Services yesterday said the website should be up and running by February 15th. It will allow people to add their name, age, job, and risk factors to a database. If they are eligible for the vaccine they can make an appointment, if not they will go on a waiting list. More than a million-and-a-half people in Wisconsin are eligible for the vaccine, but there are not nearly enough doses to get them all the shot.


FEMA is sending Wisconsin 47-million-dollars for coronavirus vaccinations. The money is part of a pre-payment for costs that the federal government will eventually reimburse the state for. No one at the state’s Department of Health Services is saying just what the money will be used for. 

Wisconsin has faced criticism over its slow rollout of the vaccine. As of last week, doctors and nurses have given out about 550-thousand of the nearly 850-thousand doses sent to Wisconsin.

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