No Charges in Blake Case

No Charges in Blake Case

Prosecutors in Wisconsin will not charge the officer involved in the Jacob Blake shooting that left him paralyzed. 

District Attorney Mike Graveley said no Kenosha law enforcement officer will be charged with any criminal offense based on the facts and the law.  He added that no charges will be filed against Jacob Blake in this incident either.  Graveley said their decision was based on a review of more than 40-hours of squad video and more than two-hundred reports. Wisconsin officials called out the National Guard in case there are protests over the decision.


In reaction from the capitol, Governor Tony Evers says the state of Wisconsin failed to step-up after Jacob Blake’s shooting. The governor issued a statement yesterday saying the elected officials didn’t deliver justice for Blake after he was shot back in August. The governor’s statement doesn’t say anything about the specifics of the case. Instead, the governor said he is reaffirming his commitment to build a “more just, more equitable state.”

Reaction from Blake’s lawyer can be FOUND HERE.

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