WI Coronavirus Continues Downward Trend

WI Coronavirus Continues Downward Trend

It is the latest sign that Wisconsin has perhaps moved past the spike in coronavirus cases.

The state’s Department of Health Services yesterday said the coronavirus count in the state is at its lowest point since mid-September. DHS yesterday reported an average weekly positive count of just under two-thousand cases. That’s roughly the same as it was back on September 25th. At the peak in November, that weekly positive count was nearly eight-thousand cases.

But that doesn’t mean we are in the clear. Locally, doctors at one of Eau Claire’s hospitals continue to prepare themselves for a coronavirus jump.

HSHS Sacred Heart’s Emergency Room Director Robin Schultz yesterday said the hospital is waiting to see if there is a post-Christmas jump in coronavirus cases. Public health managers warned that the virus would increase if people didn’t stay at home for the holidays.

In the reported numbers that we are seeing from DHS, the expected post-Thanksgiving jump in coronavirus positives never really materialized in Eau Claire, or the rest of the state.

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