Capitol Hill Continues COVID Relief Negotiations

Capitol Hill Continues COVID Relief Negotiations

No answers out of Capitol Hill yet.

Lawmakers in Washington, D.C. continue to claim they are hard at work this weekend to get a COVID relief package approved.  The 900-billion dollar deal is less than the four-trillion dollars approved for COVID relief earlier this year.  Most issues have been resolved between the two parties but some partisan differences remain to be ironed out. 

Members of Congress will work on the package again today but Democrat Steny Hoyer says a final vote isn’t expected before Sunday afternoon.

When it comes to stimulus checks, there is a Wisconsin connection. Ron Johnson of Wisconsin objected Friday, citing concerns over the national debt.  Missouri Senator Josh Hawley tried to get consent, which would have required cooperation from every senator, to pass a bill that would’ve given 12-hundred dollars to individuals making less than 75-thousand-dollars. 

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