WI “Kids” Pass 50 Years

WI “Kids” Pass 50 Years

The formation of the Kids From Wisconsin was approved by the state on December 18, 1968 and originally sponsored by the State Department of Local Affairs and Development to appear at county, regional and state fairs. 

Highly competitive auditions for the group began in February of 1969.  Hundreds of the state’s most gifted young musicians auditioned for 60 spots.  Audition winners would attend a special 13 day music camp at the State Fair Youth Center in July of 1969.   

Following the camp the unit would be available for a limited number of public service type events.  The group also would promote the State Fair on radio and television and would culminate the season by appearing during the 10 day run of the Wisconsin State Fair. They opened for all the big performers at the Wisconsin State Fairs’ Grand Stand. The main purpose of the “Kids” was to provide entertainment, acting as good will ambassadors for the state and their communities.  The group forged a national reputation in their first two years of performing and remains a staple in across the state even today.

Still performing today, the group celebrates their formation birthday on December 19, 1968.  They are welcomed each year by enthusiastic audiences of multi generations, totaling over 120,000 each summer as they travel nearly 6500 miles state wide.  The group has performed to over 10 million since their inception. CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

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