Latest Election Lawsuit in WI Comes from Texas

Latest Election Lawsuit in WI Comes from Texas

Governor Tony Evers is on the clock to respond to a complaint from one of the members of the Wisconsin Elections Commission.

Republican Commissioner Dean Knudson filed the complaint Monday. Knudson says Governor Evers broke state law by certifying the state’s election results before the Trump campaign had a chance to challenge those results. The governor is supposed to respond to the complaint by next Thursday.

When it comes to national attention here in our state, the latest election lawsuit in Wisconsin is coming from the state of Texas.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton yesterday filed lawsuits against Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Georgia. Paxton says election managers in each state ‘exploited’ the coronavirus to skirt election laws and election regulations. He’s most upset with the decision to use ballot drop boxes and to mass-mail ballot applications in Wisconsin. Wisconsin Attorney General Josh Kaul says the lawsuits are a waste of time and taxpayer money.

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