Trump Visits Kenosha, Blake Family Urges Unity, DOJ Investigation Continues

Trump Visits Kenosha, Blake Family Urges Unity, DOJ Investigation Continues

President Trump used his visit to Kenosha to talk about law and order.


President Trump says violence in major cities across the country is “domestic terror.” Mark Mayfield reports.

The president toured parts of the city that were burned in last week’s nights of violence. He then told local leaders that it was the overwhelming show of force that brought the protests under control, and brought the riots to an end. The president yesterday took credit for the swell of National Guard troops that came to Kenosha. Governor Evers says he’s the one responsible for sending the troops. President Trump yesterday said the governor sent them too late.

No major incidents have been reported after President Trump’s visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin where Jacob Blake was shot by police more than a week ago.  NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez reports.

Jacob Blake’s family continues to push for unity. Blake’s uncle, Justin, spoke yesterday with Jesse Jackson. Justin Blake said he doesn’t want to get into a back-and-forth with President Trump. Blake’s latest speech and rally came as the president was in Kenosha. Blake’s family once again asked people in Kenosha to ‘heal’ and not turn to violence.

Detectives say the investigation in Jacob Blake’s shooting includes 88 different witnesses and over 100 pieces of evidence. The state’s Department of Justice provided another update into its case yesterday. Investigators say they’ve spoken with nearly 90 people who were in the neighborhood when Blake was shot on August 23rd, or who knew him. The DOJ says teams have also collected 102 pieces of evidence, reviewed 28 different videos, and served four search warrants.

There is no word if all of that has produced any new revelations about the case.

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