COVID-19 CLIFF NOTES: 03.21.2020

This is all new territory each day will look a little different. This Saturday looks a lot different than last Saturday and it will look different again tomorrow. But, as we are taking each day together we will let you know the latest, laid out in simple form. Your Covid-19 Cliff Notes are here.

As we follow the latest of the world pandemic, there is a lot (A LOT!) of information to digest, we will break it down from the larger (World) scope and work our way in here to Eau Claire and our own back yard and day to day lives. Trying to outline the basics and keep the information accurate, bite size, and easy to follow.

First of all, COVID19 is the name given to COronaVIrus Disease 2019, for the year that it was first detected. Now that we have that established we will look at the latest cliff notes.


WORLD:  Italy and Spain are recording their highest single-day death totals from the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Italian officials announced 627 new deaths, bringing their total fatalities to more than four thousand.  Spain added 235 deaths Friday to bring its total to more than one thousand.  German officials warned residents that if they don’t behave responsibly this weekend, they will be confined to their homes starting on Monday.  Italy, Spain, and France are already under mandatory lockdowns.

China’s National Health Commission today is reporting no new local cases for only the second time since the outbreak began.  Nearly 40 new cases were reported yesterday, but officials say they were imported from other countries.  The outbreak originated in China, which has seen over 32-hundred deaths from the virus. 

Now, China has been surpassed by Italy, which is reporting over 34-hundred deaths.  The World Health Organization says Europe is the new epicenter of the pandemic. 


NATIONAL:   The coronavirus death toll continues to rise in the U.S.  The number of deaths from the respiratory illness hit the 260 mark as of Friday night.  There were also more than 19-thousand-600 confirmed cases across the country.  Most of those are in New York, Washington state and California.  Some states have shut down businesses while others have ordered people to stay at home.


STATE: Governor Tony Evers is expanding the coronavirus emergency measures.  The new rules kicked in yesterday at five-p.m.  The expansion of coronavirus social distancing includes all hair salons, barber shops, nail salons, tanning salons and tattoo and body art shops which must now remain closed.  Acupuncturists are allowed to continue operating.  Bars can deliver food and alcohol and orders for carry out.  Food stores, laundromats, banks, media and news outlets and public transport can stay open.

LOCAL: The coronavirus has finally arrived in the Chippewa Valley. State health officials yesterday confirmed cases of the virus in Eau Claire, Chippewa, and Dunn counties. One person is confirmed to have been a travel aboard student from UWEC. Public health managers say those numbers will likely go up.


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