First Presidential Debate in the Books

First Presidential Debate in the Books

Well, that’s a wrap. The first presidential debate of 2024 is in the books. So, what is reaction like in the aftermath of the historical match up? Click below to hear a recap with Brian Shook:

When it comes to reaction, Former White House press secretary Jen Psaki says Thursday’s debate was not a good night for President Biden. During an appearance on MSNBC, Psaki said the president’s performance was not what the campaign “needed or wanted.” She added that the campaign needs to answer the ongoing “chatter” over whether Biden needs to be replaced. Democrats are reportedly concerned with Biden’s debate, with some questioning whether it’s time for an “open convention” to find another Democratic candidate.

On the other side of the aisle, Many Black Americans on social media are demanding to know what Donald Trump meant by “Black jobs” in Thursday’s debate. When Trump and President Biden were asked during the debate what they had done for Black voters, Trump responded by claiming that undocumented immigrants were “taking Black jobs.” The comment drew a negative response from Black social media users, including the NAACP and DNC Chairman Jaime Harrison, who both asked, “what is a Black job?” The BlackPAC political group posted after the debate, “Time for us all to get ready for bed so we can be on time to our #BlackJobs tomorrow.”

Additionally, former President Trump says Russia never would have invaded Ukraine had he been in charge. During the CNN presidential debate, Trump called Biden weak, adding Putin saw America’s chaotic withdraw of Afghanistan and then decided to invade, not fearing America. He claimed he could end the war in his first days in office if he wins.

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