Eau Claire Property Assessments to Begin

Eau Claire Property Assessments to Begin

The City of Eau Claire property assessors will start their interior reviews in the coming weeks.

If your property is being reviewed this year, you will receive a postcard from the Assessing Office. Postcards are being mailed to homeowners between June and August of 2024. This postcard will provide additional information and provide the opportunity to schedule an appointment. Appointments typically take between 10 to 20 minutes.

What does the assessor look for?

• Is the existing information accurate?

• Have alterations or improvements occurred?

Assessors for the City of Eau Claire will be carrying a City of Eau Claire photo identification badge. The goal of the assessor’s office is to provide a consistent, uniform, and fair assessment of all property. This is a part of an ongoing annual process as we update the property records for all the properties within the city.

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