34 For 45: Guilty on All Counts

34 For 45: Guilty on All Counts

People are gathered outside the courthouse where former President Donald Trump was found guilty in his New York criminal hush money case. NBC Senior Legal Correspondent Laura Jarrett said was a remarkable scene as the verdicts were read.

Showing you different sides so you can decide, Trump reacted while leaving the courthouse saying it was a disgrace.

Trump will be sentenced on July 11th.

The reaction in Wisconsin to former President Trump’s conviction is exactly what you’d think.

Republican leaders in the state say yesterday’s guilty verdicts are a perversion of justice. Republican U.S. Senator Ron Johnson says the country’s “judicial system will never be the same.” And former Governor Scott Walker simply said on Twitter that people need to “pray for America.” Democratic U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin says the former president “had his day in court,” and added that “no one is above the law.”

What will that mean for the Republican National Convention in our state?

Former President Trump is due to be sentenced just four days before the convention begins in Milwaukee. Trump’s judge yesterday set his sentencing date for July 11th. Milwaukee RNC planners have not yet said what the sentencing will mean for the convention.

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