Dam Rescue, Water Safety Reminder

Dam Rescue, Water Safety Reminder

We now have more information about an event in Holcombe that happened on Wednesday evening.

On Wednesday May 22nd, two individuals were fishing below the Xcel Energy Hydro dam in Holcombe. The dam was opened to allow an increase in water flow, the two individuals became trapped on some rocks in the river. They were able to call Emergency Communications Center in Chippewa to notify responders of their location. Sheriff Travis Hakes then contacted employees from Xcel Energy, who then called the Emergency Communications Center. Xcel was able to provide a brief period where they could restrict the flow of water allowing the individuals to get to shore safely, prior to responders arriving on scene.

Sheriff Hakes added that he would like to remind the public that when fishing near the dams to be mindful of the alarm systems to ensure you are not trapped or consumed by the current when the water levels adjust.

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