Village of Cadott Board to Vote on Sale of Electric Utility

Village of Cadott Board to Vote on Sale of Electric Utility

The Village of Cadott (Cadott) announced today that its  board will vote at its regularly scheduled Monday, June 3, 2024, meeting on a preliminary agreement for  the sale of Cadott’s electric utility to Chippewa Valley Electric Cooperative (CVEC). The meeting is open to the public. 

The Cadott board commissioned an engineering study of its electric system last year and the June 2023  report from EPS Engineering indicated it would cost $7.45 million to bring Cadott electric system’s power  capacity to acceptable industry and safety standards. Replacing the aging meters at $250,000 would be another needed upgrade. 

There are many steps ahead in this process. A rate design study for Cadott residents is to be completed  by Power System Engineering. The Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) would carry out research to determine if the preliminary agreement is in the best interests of the public. If the PSCW does approve it, Cadott residents would vote on it in a referendum sometime 2025. 

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