27,316 American Flags Displayed, Field of Flags

27,316 American Flags Displayed, Field of Flags

Volunteers are at the War Memorial Center all week to create the  annual Field of Flags in Milwaukee’s Veterans Park.

The 5th annual Memorial Day tribute has been  building up to this year when 27,316 American flags will be displayed in a glorious Field of Flags  north of the War Memorial Center building. Each flag represents a Wisconsinite who paid the ultimate  price for freedom in service to our nation from the Civil War until today. This year’s Field of Flags will  almost double in size from last year, when 15,015 flags were displayed representing the Wisconsin  veterans who have been killed in action since World War I.  

“This Field of Flags will broadcast a powerful and visible reminder every Memorial Day of the  burden of war carried by the men and women who wear the uniform. Behind each flag is a fallen  hero from Wisconsin and the thousands of families and loved ones who carry on their legacy,” said  Dan Buttery, President and CEO of the War Memorial Center. “I was inspired to bring this concept to  Milwaukee after seeing a Field of Flags in Boston displayed for Memorial Day.” CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE.

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