Senator James Joins Effort to Override Vetoes

Senator James Joins Effort to Override Vetoes

Sen. Jesse James (R – Altoona), joined by Senators Pat Testin (R – Stevens Point) and Romaine Quinn (R – Cameron) gathered at the Altoona Family Restaurant to announce senate republicans’ plans to override Governor Evers’ vetoes of five bills.

The Senators shared their plans to override SB 1014, the grant program that would release the $15 million to the Chippewa Valley after the HSHS and Prevea closures, SB 312, regarding PFAS contamination, SB 736, which relates to post-election audits, SB 917, which modifies student teaching requirements for teacher preparatory programs, and SB 139, which establishes a statewide wolf population goal.

Sen. James shared, “We believe that these vetoes are out of step with the people of Wisconsin. The people of this state deserve access to healthcare, clean drinking water, secure elections, and a quality education, and we plan to use our two-thirds majority in the Senate to try and make that possible.

“These are crucial bills. The HSHS and Prevea closures impact the community we are currently in. I have constituents reaching out to me that their loved ones can’t get into the ER during a medical emergency. This is the reality we are facing, and that is why it is so important we override these vetoes. We understand that all types of services are impacted by these closures, and while we can’t address them all, we want to help where we can, and being able to continue quality emergency department services can save lives.”

Sen James concluded, “This money should not be sitting idle, and that is why the Senate plans to do something about it.”

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