Treatment Planned for Half Moon Lake

Treatment Planned for Half Moon Lake

Lake and Pond Solution, under the direction of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources, will be treating Half Moon Lake with Endothall on Monday, May 13th. There are no restrictions on the use of
the lake for swimming or fishing after the application. Use of lake water for irrigation will be suspended
for seven days after the application. The herbicide will be applied under the supervision of the
Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. The City of Eau Claire has applied for and was granted a
WI DNR permit for this treatment. This specialized treatment is the 16th time this herbicide has been
applied to Half Moon Lake since 2009.

The application is designed to eradicate, to the greatest extent possible, the Curly-leaf pondweed that
has long dominated the entire lake. The treatment is not expected to harm the native aquatic plants.
The proposed herbicide treatment contains the herbicide known as the brand name “Aquathol K.” This
herbicide treatment has proven successful in several Wisconsin and Minnesota lakes. The herbicide is
being applied when the water temperature of Half Moon Lake is between 53-59 F (12-15 C).

Half Moon Lake, 154 acres of water in the shape of a horseshoe, surrounds Carson Park within the City
of Eau Claire and has been offering residents and visitors a beautiful natural resource for fishing, water
recreation, and relaxation. City officials, with a strong commitment to preserving this natural treasure,
have developed this plan so the lake will continue to enrich the lives of city residents for generations
to come.

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