Soy What? WI Boosts Soy Sauce Production

Soy What? WI Boosts Soy Sauce Production

Southern Wisconsin is about to become one of the nation’s largest soy sauce makers. 

Kikkoman yesterday announced plans to build a 560 million-dollar factory in Jefferson County as part of a nearly one billion-dollar expansion in the state.  The factory will be built in the City of Jefferson. The first phase will add 200 thousand-square-feet and 50 jobs.  The second phase will add another 100 thousand-square-feet and 40 more jobs. Kikkoman has had a plant in Walworth for the past 50 years. Company officials say they are planning to expand that plant as well, but they didn’t offer any details. 

The state is giving the company over 15 million-dollars in tax credits to help pay for the new factory, and the expansion.

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