No Mow May Lands in Marshfield

No Mow May Lands in Marshfield

Did you know you don’t have to mow your lawn in May if you live within the city limits in Marshfield? No Mow May is an initiative that encourages gardeners and homeowners to let their lawns grow wild in the interest of biodiversity and supporting important pollinator populations. 

Many wildflowers bloom during May, providing a vital source of nectar and pollen for pollinators. By allowing these flowers to grow and avoiding mowing the lawn, people can help provide a much-needed refuge for these important pollinator species. So, to aid pollination, the City of Marshfield is suspending the enforcement of Chapter 11 Sec. 11-06 (Weed Control) encourages those interested in participating to sign up online.  Signing up provides the City with a list of properties supporting the No Mow May initiative. The enforcement of Chapter 11 Sec. 11-06. (Weed Control)  will begin again on June 1, 2024.   


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