EC Alert System Aims to Keep Residents Informed

EC Alert System Aims to Keep Residents Informed

Alert Eau Claire is an Emergency Notification System that the City of Eau Claire uses to share urgent updates about events impacting the city. This may include severe weather, flooding information, evacuation notifications, and other urgent community safety and disaster information.

Signing up for Alert Eau Claire notifications is easy; it’s free* and specific to the City of Eau Claire. Alerts can be received via text, phone call (cell and/or landline), email, or all three. We urge all residents, business owners, students, and frequent visitors to the city to register for these life-saving notices.

Residents who previously signed up for Rave Alert notifications from Eau Claire County are still enrolled in the system and will continue to receive messages in the same way they always have: by phone, text, email, or all three.


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