Eau Claire Bear Relocated

Eau Claire Bear Relocated

In response to recent sightings and concerns from residents, the City of Eau Claire Utility Division, working with the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), has successfully relocated a bear that had been living in a culvert near the airport and roaming around the City’s water well field.

Following careful assessment to ensure the safety of residents and the bear, a relocation operation was planned and took place early this morning. The bear is being taken to public land in Northern Wisconsin and will be released where it can run free.

The bear is believed to be the same animal that wandered into the area last fall and stopped to hibernate.

“We are pleased to announce the successful relocation of the bear from the area near the City wells to a more natural habitat,” said Ben Spanel, Utilities manager. “The community’s cooperation in reporting sightings and adhering to safety guidelines is appreciated and vital in maintaining harmony between humans and wildlife.”

While the bear has been relocated, residents are reminded to remain vigilant whenever using parks and trails. Wildlife is a joy to see, but for the safety of people, pets, and wildlife, residents should be alert, keep their distance, and always have pets on a leash.

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