Election Results

Election Results

On the other side of the Primary elections here in our state, there were no local surprises or upsets in Eau Claire’s local elections yesterday.

The incumbents won in the races for school board and city council. Voters reelected Joshua Clements and Erica Zerr to the school board. They both got about 30 percent of the vote. On the city council,  Emily Anderson and Andrew Werthmann  were both reelected. They both got more than 65 percent of the vote in their races.

Voters in Chippewa Falls said ‘Yes’ to a tax hike for their local schools.

The school districts’ three-year, seven-and-a-half million-dollar referendum passed yesterday with about 53 percent of the vote. The referendum will raise property taxes slightly, and send the money to pay for teacher pay raises. Superintendent Jeff Holmes says the vote shows how much people in Chippewa Falls care about their schools.

On the national level, President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump claimed victory in the Wisconsin primary on Tuesday.

Biden claimed 88-percent of the vote in the Democratic race, with about 8-percent voting “Uninstructed.” Trump picked up 79 percent of the Republican vote, while 2-percent chose “Uninstructed” in that race. Both candidates also won the primaries in Connecticut, New York, and Rhode Island, and have enough delegates to secure their respective parties’ nominations.

 Meanwhile, Wisconsin voters have approved two constitutional amendments to keep outside money out of elections in the state.

The two amendments came from the 2020 election and the so-called Zuckerbucks grants from the Mark Zuckerberg-funded Center for Tech and Civic Life. That saw eight million-dollars spent on elections in Wisconsin, mostly in the state’s largest Democratic cities. Critics say the grants essentially bought election operations in Green Bay and other communities. Grants like that will no longer be allowed in Wisconsin.


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