End of an Era

End of an Era

Today is the day.

HSHS Sacred Heart Hospital and St. Joes in Chippewa close their doors and exit the Chippewa Valley, marking the end of an era for many and a change of life for those who worked in the system. An honor walk for employees at St. Joseph’s hospital in Chippewa Falls is scheduled for noon today. 

Yesterday, there was a gathering to honor those most closely affected and you can CLICK HERE to see more with our partners at WEAU 13 News.

Eau Claire City Council President, Emily Berge, releases statement on the closing of Sacred Heart

“Today is a sad day for Eau Claire and the greater Chippewa Valley. With only an 8 week notice we are
losing hospital access as well as other medical care which we will feel the impacts of for years to come.
In the midst of these shocking turn of events, I am proud of how our community has come together.
Challenges will continue but we are united around finding sustainable solutions to care for our
Even though I know we will be ok, this is a significant day for Eau Claire. Throughout the day, I have
been thinking about the employees of Sacred Heart, past and present, as well as all the patients who
relied on Sacred Heart for health care. I am thankful that other healthcare organizations are stepping up
to hire these employees as well as expanding services to meet the medical needs of our community;
however, nothing will really replace Sacred Heart. Thank you to the dedicated staff of Sacred Heart who
made that hospital a beloved part of our community.”

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