National Health Rankings Released, See How We Rank

National Health Rankings Released, See How We Rank

The national County Health Rankings, a set of health data released each spring, shows how Eau Claire County compares to the state, nation, and peer counties on many health issues. The 2024 data, released today, indicates Eau Claire County’s recent areas of strength, as well as opportunities to improve – including factors like alcohol and drug misuse, premature deaths, access to health care, civic engagement, and more.

County Health Rankings data are released each year by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the
University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute. The data measure many things that shape how long
and well people live. Having access to health care and eating healthy foods plays a role, but so do
income, education, reliable employment, transportation, safe housing, childcare, clean air, and more.
These are called the “social determinants of health.”

You can find the 2024 County Health Rankings data WITH AN EASY CLICK HERE.

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