Marshfield Fire Begins in Oven

Marshfield Fire Begins in Oven

Marshfield Fire and Rescue initially responded with 9 personnel to a report of an oven fire with heavy black smoke filling the apartment.

On arrival to the address the residences of the apartment complex were found standing outside. Marshfield Police Officer informed us that a fire extinguisher was used on the stove. Interior attack crew made entry and found heavy smoke conditions in the first-floor hallway and in the apartment of origin. No active fire was found.

Once the atmosphere was clear all residence where allowed back into there apartment. A total of 11 MFRD firefighters responded with assistance from the Marshfield Police Department. MFRD was on scene for approximately 45 minutes. The origin of the fire was in the broiler drawer of a natural gas stove/oven unit. The cause of the fire was improperly stored plasticware in the broiler drawer overheating.

No injuries were reported.

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