Rep. Hurd Declares Candidacy

Rep. Hurd Declares Candidacy

State Representative Karen Hurd (R-Fall Creek) has declared her candidacy for the redrawn 69th Assembly District accordingly to the recently enacted state maps.

Rep. Hurd will be moving her residence from Fall Creek to a locale in Clark County where she can continue to represent the 68th District Assembly until her tenure as the 68th District Assembly Representative is complete in early January 2025, while at the same time as residing in the newly redistricted 69th where she will campaign to win that seat in the 2024 election.

“It has been and is my honor to serve the people of the 68th District Assembly. I will continue to
serve those that are now redrawn into the 69th who reside in the western half of Clark County, as
well as the rest of Clark county and parts of Taylor, Marathon, and Chippewa Counties that have
now been drawn into the 69th.”


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