Search for Missing Child Continues

Search for Missing Child Continues

Prosecutors claim the last man to see three-year-old Elijah Vue was punishing him.

Elijah Vue, 3, is still missing.

Elijah Vue, 3, is still missing.(Two Rivers Police Department)

The D.A. in Manitowoc yesterday said Vue’s mother’s boyfriend, Jesse Vang, told police that he was trying to ‘make a man’ out of Vue when the little boy disappeared a week ago. Vue said his house was like a boot camp for the boy, and said he made Vue stand for hours, and would punish him with cold showers. Vue’s mother dropped him off there. She and Vang are both facing child neglect charges, they were both in court yesterday. Authorities in Manitowoc County continue to search for the little boy. They say they are expanding their search at the landfill in Calumet County this week.

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