Investigation Over, Sheriff Hakes Responds

Investigation Over, Sheriff Hakes Responds

The investigation into Chippewa County’s sheriff is over, and the county says it has no confidence in him going forward. The county board last night issued a vote of “no confidence” in Sheriff Travis Hakes.

The board also voted to send the 500 page investigation into his behavior to the D,.A.’s office. Investigators looked into how Hakes behaved toward a female dispatcher, as well as his side jobs. Hakes has not been charged with any crimes, and has claimed he is innocent throughout and offers the following statement in response:

“Tonight the County Board spent over 4 hours in closed session reviewing yet another report from Madison-based attorney Jill Pedigo Hall in an investigation that has now topped over $100,000 in taxpayer funds. Like the general public, I have not yet had an opportunity to review the report, but I suspect it’s filled with more hearsay and conjecture. Hiring the same agenda-driven attorney to investigate the inconsistencies in her own report is the definition of bias. Hall was given a blank check and unlimited scope to further tarnish my reputation. I am glad that the County Board has finally put an end to this charade, and I look forward to effectively leading the Sheriff’s Office without this investigation sabotaging my ability to do so.”

Travis Hakes

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