Pursuit Leads to Intoxicated Driver Arrest, EC Man Yields Machete

Pursuit Leads to Intoxicated Driver Arrest, EC Man Yields Machete

Local law enforcement encountered a man yielding a machete. Below this the full press release from Lake Hallie authorities:

On February 17, 2024, at approximately 11:30 PM, a Lake Hallie Police Officer was on routine patrol in a marked squad on BUS 53 northbound near 27th Ave. when he observed a vehicle approaching from the rear with a defective headlight traveling at a high rate of speed. As the vehicle passed the patrol squad, the vehicle was traveling on the center line and quickly swerved into the patrol squad’s lane of travel almost striking the patrol squad. The vehicle proceeded to accelerate at a high rate of speed while swerving between the right and left lane in a reckless and unsafe manner.

The officer activated his emergency lights to conduct a traffic stop on the vehicle. The vehicle continued driving for a short distance then came to an abrupt stop on BUS 53 before the HWY 124 / CTY HWY OO intersection. The driver, later identified as Chad Nylen (44 from Eau Claire), exited the vehicle armed with a machete in one hand and a large knife in the other. Nylen got back into the vehicle and accelerated at a high rate of speed. The officer initiated a pursuit with Nylen.

The vehicle returned to BUS 53 southbound from CTY HWY OO and came to a stop and Nylen exited the vehicle and ran southbound on BUS 53 towards Melby St intersection still armed with the machete and knife. Nylen walked away from his vehicle and ignored all commands from the officer. Nylen continued to ignore commands and started running in the roadway and eventually ran down the center of the road onto oncoming traffic. At this time, the Lake Hallie officer was assisted by officers/deputies from the City of Eau Claire Police Department, Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office, and the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office.

Officers pursued Nylen on foot while he continued to ignore commands to stop and drop the machete and knife. Officers deployed non-lethal ammunition and a taser to stop Nylen. Nylen eventually dropped the machete and knife. Nylen was eventually taken into custody after resisting arrest.

Nylen admitted to consuming an intoxicating beverage and methamphetamine prior to operating the motor vehicle. Officers obtained a search warrant for Nylen’s blood after he refused a blood draw. As a result, Nylen was arrested for Knowingly Fleeing an officer, Operating a Moto Vehicle While Intoxicated -3rd Offense, Resisting/Obstructing an officer, felony bail jumping, and disorderly conduct.

Afterwards, he was taken to the Chippewa County Jail for processing. The results of the blood test will not be known for several weeks as it will be sent to the Wisconsin State Hygiene Laboratory. The Lake Hallie Police Department would like to thank the Chippewa County Sheriff’s Office, Eau Claire County Sheriff’s Office, and Eau Claire Police Department, for their assistance in this arrest.

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