Arts and Humanities Events Scheduled at UW-Stout

Arts and Humanities Events Scheduled at UW-Stout

ABOVE PHOTO: The Center for Applied Ethics offers civil discussions and Philosopher Cafes.

From performing arts events featuring themes of nature and an award-winning musical teaching the power of love and compassion to art exhibitions and philosophical and literary conversations, there are arts and humanities events for everyone at University of Wisconsin-Stout this spring. Some monthly highlights include:

  • February: School of Art and Design faculty exhibit, presentations on artificial intelligence and the Irish Literary Renaissance
  • March: Student exhibit at the Louis Smith Tainter House, presentation on the Dobbs v. Jackson decision
  • April: Theater production of “Dogfight,” choir and band concerts, civic conversation on art appropriation
  • May: Student Artist in Residence exhibit reception, civic conversation on Russia’s war in Ukraine

Several events will be held in conjunction with UW-Stout’s Destination Weekend, Friday, April 5, and Saturday, April 6; and Spring Showcase, April 5 to May 11.


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