Marshfield Utilities PFAS Treatment Facility Completed

Marshfield Utilities PFAS Treatment Facility Completed

Marshfield Utilities (MU) announced that the construction of the Southside PFAS Treatment Temporary Facility is complete.

Construction began on the PFAS Removal Facility at the Southside Booster Station, located South of 29th & Apple along the bike path, in October 2023. This facility addresses the PFAS contaminants found during proactive testing in April 2022. Upon receiving the results of those tests, MU
immediately shut down the affected wells from production. The four wells previously taken out of service are back online as of Friday, February 9, 2024 with PFAS being filtered out of the water in the treatment facility.

The Marshfield water supply system is once again operating at complete capacity. The design, procurement, and construction of a permeant treatment facility that incorporates additional infrastructure improvements will occur in the future after experience is gained with the temporary facility and there is approved regulatory requirements.

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