CVTC Certified as Family Friendly Workplace

CVTC Certified as Family Friendly Workplace

Chippewa Valley Technical College has been certified as a gold-level Family Friendly Workplace, the highest distinction given by an organization that recognizes employers that account for the needs of workers and their families.

“It reaffirms our commitment to creating a supportive atmosphere where individuals can thrive both professionally and personally.”

Woodville-based Family Friendly Workplaces announced today that it has recognized the College as an employer that offers its employees a high level of family-related benefits. The certification recognizes CVTC’s commitment to providing a workplace that strongly supports the needs of employees and their families.

“Receiving the designation of a family-friendly workplace is more than just an accolade; it is a reflection of the values we hold dear at CVTC,” said Sunem Beaton-Garcia, CVTC president. “It reaffirms our commitment to creating a supportive atmosphere where individuals can thrive both professionally and personally.”

To be certified, Family Friendly Workplaces reviewed CVTC’s human resources policies and practices, awarding points for those that support families and children. The rankings cover a wide range of topics, such as health care, time off, flexible work arrangements, employee assistance programs and others.

“Our institution has implemented various initiatives to ensure a family-friendly work environment,” said Beaton-Garcia. “From flexible scheduling to family-oriented events, we have strived to create a culture that values the well-being of our colleagues. We believe that a happy and fulfilled individual is a more engaged and productive contributor to our collective success.”

Family Friendly Workplaces strives to address western Wisconsin’s workforce shortage and to strengthen western Wisconsin families by certifying businesses as family-friendly and encouraging the adoption of practices that benefit families.

The willingness of workplaces to provide employees with benefits is more important than ever amid an ongoing worker shortage, said Neil Kline, executive director of Family Friendly Workplaces.

“We are proud to recognize CVTC for its robust family-supporting benefits,” Kline said. “Employers, both public and private, are facing a challenging labor force environment. We hope CVTC’s certification sets an example for how an organization can not only be competitive in the marketplace, but also support children and families through their benefits.”

CVTC is among more than 30 employers in western and northwestern Wisconsin that offer market-leading benefits to their employees and who are committed to supporting children and families, Kline said.

To learn more about Family Friendly Workplaces and its certification program, CLICK HERE.

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